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adds the release notes for Rails 4.0 to the guides index

This is still an early draft, but let's add it to the index
to have it ready.
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commit 780ecb2bc1cd756d8814c0f7fd27f263e6282447 1 parent 8a5eb2e
@fxn fxn authored
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4 guides/source/documents.yaml
@@ -146,6 +146,10 @@
work_in_progress: true
description: This guide helps in upgrading applications to latest Ruby on Rails versions.
+ name: Ruby on Rails 4.0 Release Notes
+ url: 4_0_release_notes.html
+ description: Release notes for Rails 4.0.
+ -
name: Ruby on Rails 3.2 Release Notes
url: 3_2_release_notes.html
description: Release notes for Rails 3.2.
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