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h3. Validations
Module to support validation and errors with Active Resource objects. The module overrides Base#save to rescue ActiveResource::ResourceInvalid exceptions and parse the errors returned in the web service response. The module also adds an errors collection that mimics the interface of the errors provided by ActiveRecord::Errors.
h4. Validating client side resources by overriding validation methods in base class
class Person < ActiveResource::Base = ""
def validate
errors.add("last", "has invalid characters") unless last =~ /[a-zA-Z]*/
h4. Validating client side resources
Consider a Person resource on the server requiring both a first_name and a last_name with a validates_presence_of :first_name, :last_name declaration in the model:
person = => "Jim", :last_name => "") # => false (server returns an HTTP 422 status code and errors)
person.valid? # => false
person.errors.empty? # => false
person.errors.count # => 1
person.errors.full_messages # => ["Last name can't be empty"]
person.errors[:last_name] # => ["can't be empty"]
person.last_name = "Halpert" # => true (and person is now saved to the remote service)
h4. Public instance methods
ActiveResource::Validations have three public instance methods
h5. errors()
This will return errors object that holds all information about attribute error messages
h5. save_with_validation(options=nil)
This validates the resource with any local validations written in base class and then it will try to POST if there are no errors.
h5. valid?
Runs all the local validations and will return true if no errors.
h3. Changelog
* July 30, 2011: Initial version by "Vishnu Atrai":

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