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There is no RAILS_GEM_VERSION environment variable or constant for Ra…

…ils 3, since this is now managed by Bundler
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@@ -255,8 +255,6 @@ Some parts of Rails can also be configured externally by supplying environment v
* +ENV["RAILS_CACHE_ID"]+ and +ENV["RAILS_APP_VERSION"]+ are used to generate expanded cache keys in Rails' caching code. This allows you to have multiple separate caches from the same application.
-* +ENV['RAILS_GEM_VERSION']+ defines the version of the Rails gems to use, if +RAILS_GEM_VERSION+ is not defined in your +environment.rb+ file.
h3. Changelog
* August 13, 2009: Updated with config syntax and added general configuration options by "John Pignata"

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