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Add has_named_route? to the mapper API

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josevalim committed May 20, 2013
1 parent ef62a51 commit 7a993ffc94933011b1ef3a9ed81841a787e94eda
@@ -1,5 +1,9 @@
## unreleased ##
+* Add `has_named_route?(route_name)` to the mapper API.
+ *José Valim*
* Fix an issue where partials with a number in the filename weren't being digested for cache dependencies.
*Bryan Ricker*
@@ -515,6 +515,11 @@ def with_default_scope(scope, &block)
+ # Query if the following named route was already defined.
+ def has_named_route?(name)
+ @set.named_routes.routes[name.to_sym]

ericboehs Aug 26, 2013

Shouldn't you do


So that it returns false rather than nil?

Or better yet


rafaelfranca Aug 27, 2013


nil is also a falsy value. Query methods doesn't need to return true or false in ruby.


ericboehs Aug 27, 2013

I know nil is falsey hence the !!. I don't think it's a good practice to return nil when you mean false though. No other Rails' or ActiveSupport query methods return nil that I know of.

Also include? reads more like how you'd explain it to the reader.


bradleypriest Aug 27, 2013


@ericboehs see #5329 for some previous extreme bikeshedding on predicates


ericboehs Aug 27, 2013

Dear God, it's a mad house in there.

Turn back now!

+ end
def app_name(app)
return unless app.respond_to?(:routes)
@@ -2662,6 +2662,19 @@ def test_redirect_argument_error
assert_raises(ArgumentError) { routes.redirect }
+ def test_named_route_check
+ before, after = nil
+ draw do
+ before = has_named_route?(:hello)
+ get "/hello", as: :hello, to: "hello#world"
+ after = has_named_route?(:hello)
+ end
+ assert !before, "expected to not have named route :hello before route definition"
+ assert after, "expected to have named route :hello after route definition"
+ end
def test_explicitly_avoiding_the_named_route
draw do
scope :as => "routes" do

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