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@@ -483,13 +483,13 @@ SQL uses the +HAVING+ clause to specify conditions on the +GROUP BY+ fields. You
For example:
<ruby>"date(created_at)").having("created_at > ?", 1.month.ago)"date(created_at)").having("created_at < ?", 1.month.ago)
The SQL that would be executed would be something like this:
-SELECT * FROM orders GROUP BY date(created_at) HAVING created_at > '2009-01-15'
+SELECT * FROM orders GROUP BY date(created_at) HAVING created_at < '2009-01-15'
This will return single order objects for each day, but only for the last month.

2 comments on commit 7dcbbae


I think it was correct before this change.


You're right: this change was incorrect. I fixed it in a later commit.

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