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Fixed up i18n info on release notes

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h3. Internationalization
-Rails has many improvements in I18n support, including the latest "I18n": gem supplying many speed improvements.
+A large amount of work has been done with I18n support in Rails 3, including the latest "I18n": gem supplying many speed improvements.
* I18n for any object - I18n behavior can be added to any object by including <tt>ActiveModel::Translation</tt> and <tt>ActiveModel::Validations</tt>. There is also an <tt>errors.messages</tt> fallback for translations.
* Attributes can have default translations.
* Form Submit Tags automatically pull the correct status (Create or Update) depending on the object status, and so pull the correct translation.
* Labels with I18n also now work by just passing the attribute name.
-More Information: - "Speedup for I18n":
+More Information: - "Speedup for I18n":
h3. Railties

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