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Use Travis https build status image in order to prevent GitHub from

caching the http version.

The syntax for including an https image url in RDoc taken from Having this in a
line of its own now to make regex replacement for the API simpler!
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vijaydev committed Sep 7, 2011
1 parent b9f66f4 commit 82de8ad9c140afa81d334780e96428ef10ce52e8
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@@ -61,13 +61,14 @@ can read more about Action Pack in its {README}[link:/rails/rails/blob/master/ac
* The {Ruby on Rails Guides}[].
* The {API Documentation}[].
-== Contributing
+== Contributing
We encourage you to contribute to Ruby on Rails! Please check out the {Contributing to Rails
guide}[] for guidelines about how
to proceed. {Join us}[]!
+== Travis Build Status {<img src=""/>}[]
== License
Ruby on Rails is released under the MIT license.
@@ -78,7 +78,8 @@ do |rdoc|
rdoc_main.gsub!(%r{link:/rails/rails/blob/master/(\w+)/README\.rdoc}, "link:files/\\1/README_rdoc.html")
# Remove Travis build status image from API pages. Only GitHub README page gets this image
- rdoc_main.gsub!("", "")
+ # https build image is used to avoid GitHub caching:
+ rdoc_main.gsub!(%r{^== Travis.*}, ''), 'w') do |f|

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