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config guide: mention ActiveSupport::Deprecation configuration options.

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@@ -376,8 +376,15 @@ There are a few configuration options available in Active Support:
* +ActiveSupport::Cache::Store.logger+ specifies the logger to use within cache store operations.
+* +ActiveSupport::Deprecation.behavior+ alternative setter to +config.active_support.deprecation+ which configures the behavior of deprecation warnings for Rails.
+* +ActiveSupport::Deprecation.silence+ takes a block in which all deprecation warnings are silenced.
+* +ActiveSupport::Deprecation.silenced+ sets whether or not to display deprecation warnings.
* +ActiveSupport::Logger.silencer+ is set to +false+ to disable the ability to silence logging in a block. The default is +true+.
h3. Rails Environment Settings
Some parts of Rails can also be configured externally by supplying environment variables. The following environment variables are recognized by various parts of Rails:

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