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Fix wildcard route code examples.

Should be "match" instead of "map".
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@@ -560,13 +560,13 @@ would match +zoo/woo/foo/bar/baz+ with +params[:a]+ equals +"zoo/woo"+, and +par
NOTE: Starting from Rails 3.1, wildcard routes will always match the optional format segment by default. For example if you have this route:
-map '*pages' => 'pages#show'
+match '*pages' => 'pages#show'
NOTE: By requesting +"/foo/bar.json"+, your +params[:pages]+ will be equals to +"foo/bar"+ with the request format of JSON. If you want the old 3.0.x behavior back, you could supply +:format => false+ like this:
-map '*pages' => 'pages#show', :format => false
+match '*pages' => 'pages#show', :format => false
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