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Update configuring guide with I18n options regarding available locales

Add information about 'available_locales' and 'enforce_available_locales'
to the configuring guide.

Closes #13202. [ci skip]
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### Configuring i18n
+All these configuration options are delegated to the `I18n` library.
+* `config.i18n.available_locales` whitelists the available locales for the app. Defaults to all locale keys found in locale files, usually only `:en` on a new application.
* `config.i18n.default_locale` sets the default locale of an application used for i18n. Defaults to `:en`.
+* `config.i18n.enforce_available_locales` ensures that all locales passed through i18n must be declared in the `available_locales` list, raising an `I18n::InvalidLocale` exception when setting an unavailable locale. Defaults to `true`. It is recommended not to disable this option unless strongly required, since this works as a security measure against setting any invalid locale from user input.
* `config.i18n.load_path` sets the path Rails uses to look for locale files. Defaults to `config/locales/*.{yml,rb}`.
### Configuring Active Record

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