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Merge pull request #7595 from guilleiguaran/update-ap-changelog

Add missing entry in CHANGELOG about change of AD::Session::MemCacheStore
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## Rails 4.0.0 (unreleased) ##
+* Sprockets integration has been extracted from Action Pack and the `sprockets-rails`
+ gem should be added to Gemfile (under the assets group) in order to use Rails asset
+ pipeline in future versions of Rails.
+ *Guillermo Iguaran*
+* `ActionDispatch::Session::MemCacheStore` now uses `dalli` instead of the deprecated
+ `memcache-client` gem. As side effect the autoloading of unloaded classes objects
+ saved as values in session isn't supported anymore when mem_cache session store is
+ used, this can have an impact in apps only when config.cache_classes is false.
+ *Arun Agrawal + Guillermo Iguaran*
* Support multiple etags in If-None-Match header. *Travis Warlick*
* Allow to configure how unverified request will be handled using `:with`

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