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@@ -304,12 +304,10 @@ The schema dumper adds one additional configuration option:
* `config.action_controller.asset_path` takes a block which configures where assets can be found. Shorter version of `config.action_controller.asset_path`.
-* `config.action_controller.page_cache_directory` should be the document root for the web server and is set using `Base.page_cache_directory = "/document/root"`. For Rails, this directory has already been set to `Rails.public_path` (which is usually set to `Rails.root ` "/public"`). Changing this setting can be useful to avoid naming conflicts with files in `public/`, but doing so will likely require configuring your web server to look in the new location for cached files.
-* `config.action_controller.page_cache_extension` configures the extension used for cached pages saved to `page_cache_directory`. Defaults to `.html`.
* `config.action_controller.perform_caching` configures whether the application should perform caching or not. Set to false in development mode, true in production.
+* `config.action_controller.default_static_extension` configures the extension used for cached pages. Defaults to `.html`.
* `config.action_controller.default_charset` specifies the default character set for all renders. The default is "utf-8".
* `config.action_controller.logger` accepts a logger conforming to the interface of Log4r or the default Ruby Logger class, which is then used to log information from Action Controller. Set to `nil` to disable logging.
@@ -320,12 +318,6 @@ The schema dumper adds one additional configuration option:
* `config.action_controller.relative_url_root` can be used to tell Rails that you are deploying to a subdirectory. The default is `ENV['RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT']`.
-The caching code adds two additional settings:
-* `ActionController::Base.page_cache_directory` sets the directory where Rails will create cached pages for your web server. The default is `Rails.public_path` (which is usually set to `Rails.root + "/public"`).
-* `ActionController::Base.page_cache_extension` sets the extension to be used when generating pages for the cache (this is ignored if the incoming request already has an extension). The default is `.html`.
### Configuring Action Dispatch
* `config.action_dispatch.session_store` sets the name of the store for session data. The default is `:cookie_store`; other valid options include `:active_record_store`, `:mem_cache_store` or the name of your own custom class.

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