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Rollback #5819 since it's compatible with PostgreSQL 8.1 only. Refere…

…nces #5819.

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1 parent caf546b commit 8f89f14fc80af58c1cebb84342cf109aebc858a1 @jeremy jeremy committed Aug 22, 2006
@@ -4,8 +4,6 @@
* Pushing a record onto a has_many :through sets the association's foreign key to the associate's primary key and adds it to the correct association. #5815, #5829 []
-* PostgreSQL: simplify index introspection query. #5819 []
* Add records to has_many :through using <<, push, and concat by creating the association record. Raise if base or associate are new records since both ids are required to create the association. #build raises since you can't associate an unsaved record. #create! takes an attributes hash and creates the associated record and its association in a transaction. [Jeremy Kemper]
# Create a tagging to associate the post and tag.
@@ -209,7 +209,11 @@ def indexes(table_name, name = nil) #:nodoc:
AND t.oid = d.indrelid
AND t.relname = '#{table_name}'
AND a.attrelid = t.oid
- AND a.attnum = ANY (d.indkey)
+ AND ( d.indkey[0]=a.attnum OR d.indkey[1]=a.attnum
+ OR d.indkey[2]=a.attnum OR d.indkey[3]=a.attnum
+ OR d.indkey[4]=a.attnum OR d.indkey[5]=a.attnum
+ OR d.indkey[6]=a.attnum OR d.indkey[7]=a.attnum
+ OR d.indkey[8]=a.attnum OR d.indkey[9]=a.attnum )
ORDER BY i.relname

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