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Explain how to upgrade bin/ for Rails 4

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1 parent 74be6bb commit 9039c5038823754f79e04f1e83723e46229dbe05 @jeremy jeremy committed Apr 9, 2013
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  1. +29 −8 railties/lib/rails/app_rails_loader.rb
37 railties/lib/rails/app_rails_loader.rb
@@ -12,22 +12,43 @@ def self.exec_app_rails
exe ||= find_executable_in_parent_path
return unless exe
- if =~ /(APP|ENGINE)_PATH/
- # This is a Rails-generated binstub, let's use it
+ contents =
+ # This is the Rails executable, let's use it
+ if contents =~ /(APP|ENGINE)_PATH/
exec RUBY, exe, *ARGV if find_executable
Dir.chdir("..") do
# Recurse in a chdir block: if the search fails we want to be sure
# the application is generated in the original working directory.
exec_app_rails unless cwd == Dir.pwd
- elsif exe.match(%r(bin/rails$))
- # this is a Bundler binstub, so we load the app ourselves
+ # This is a Bundler binstub. Stop and explain how to upgrade.
+ elsif exe =~ /bin\/rails$/ && contents =~ /This file was generated by Bundler/
+ $stderr.puts <<-end_bin_upgrade_warning
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steveklabnik added a note Apr 9, 2013

is strip_heredoc appropriate here?

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+Looks like your app's ./bin/rails is a stub that was generated by Bundler.
+In Rails 4, your app's bin/ directory contains executables that are versioned
+like any other source code, rather than stubs that are generated on demand.
+Here's how to upgrade:
+ bundle config --delete bin # Turn off Bundler's stub generator
+ rake rails:update:bin # Use the new Rails 4 executables
+ git add bin # Add bin/ to source control
+You may need to remove bin/ from your .gitignore as well.
+When you install a gem whose executable you want to use in your app,
+generate it and add it to source control:
+ bundle binstubs some-gem-name
+ git add bin/new-executable
+ end_bin_upgrade_warning
Object.const_set(:APP_PATH, File.expand_path('config/application', Dir.pwd))
require File.expand_path('../boot', APP_PATH)
- puts "Rails 4 no longer supports Bundler's --binstubs option. You " \
- "will need to disable it and update your bin/rails file.\n" \
- "Please run: `bundle config --delete bin && rm -rf bin`, then " \
- "`rake rails:update:bin` and add the resulting bin/ to git."
require 'rails/commands'
rescue SystemCallError

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fxn commented on 9039c50 Apr 9, 2013


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mislav commented on 9039c50 Apr 11, 2013

Can somebody point me to a technical reason why bin/rails doesn't work if generated by Bundler?

agis- commented on 9039c50 Apr 11, 2013

@mislav I think 22e5ab3 is relevant

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jeremy commented on 9039c50 Apr 11, 2013

@mislav it's due to the way rails behavior changes depending on whether you're inside a Rails app or outside it.

If you're inside an app, we exec bin/rails and let it handle the in-app rails commands. If you're outside an app, we provide the rails new command to generate apps.

When Bundler overwrites bin/rails with a gem stub, execing the stub will exec the rails executable in the Rails gem. But the rails executable is what just execed bin/rails! Boom.

The major change here is that Rails 4 is treating bin/ as part of your app's source code. This philosophy is at odds with Bundler, which treats bin/ as an ephemeral directory whose contents can be overwritten. Future Bundler (probably 2.0 due to semver constraints) will prompt rather than overwrite and, hopefully, won't treat --binstubs as a sticky option.

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