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Ruby 1.9 compat: use String#each_line instead of #each

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1 parent b302e02 commit 922c528d428b5ab08611976dfe0037875a4bf387 @jeremy jeremy committed Feb 4, 2009
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4 ci/ci_build.rb
@@ -98,9 +98,9 @@
puts "[CruiseControl] #{`pg_config --version`}"
puts "[CruiseControl] SQLite2: #{`sqlite -version`}"
puts "[CruiseControl] SQLite3: #{`sqlite3 -version`}"
-`gem env`.each {|line| print "[CruiseControl] #{line}"}
+`gem env`.each_line {|line| print "[CruiseControl] #{line}"}
puts "[CruiseControl] Local gems:"
-`gem list`.each {|line| print "[CruiseControl] #{line}"}
+`gem list`.each_line {|line| print "[CruiseControl] #{line}"}
failures = { |key, value| value == false }

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