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Config guide: add session store config option

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@@ -101,6 +101,14 @@ h4. Rails General Configuration
* +config.serve_static_assets+ configures Rails to serve static assets. Defaults to _true_, but in the production environment is turned off. The server software used to run the application should be used to serve the assets instead.
+* +config.session_store+ is usually set up in +config/initializers/session_store.rb+ and specifies what class to use to store the session. Custom session stores can be specified like so:
+ config.session_store = :my_custom_store
+This custom store must be defined as +ActionDispatch::Session::MyCustomStore+.
* +config.threadsafe!+ enables +allow_concurrency+, +cache_classes+, +dependency_loading+ and +preload_frameworks+ to make the application threadsafe.
WARNING: Threadsafe operation is incompatible with the normal workings of development mode Rails. In particular, automatic dependency loading and class reloading are automatically disabled when you call +config.threadsafe!+.

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