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calculate errors_options one time in validate_each

errors_options is calculated for every *CHECKS* but it could be
calculated one time  because options and RESERVED_OPTIONS
not change during this cycle
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commit 93b6fafe3c3197cdd8782b52e6152d58db685b1f 1 parent 0c315c7
@acapilleri acapilleri authored
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 activemodel/lib/active_model/validations/length.rb
4 activemodel/lib/active_model/validations/length.rb
@@ -36,12 +36,12 @@ def check_validity!
def validate_each(record, attribute, value)
value = tokenize(value)
value_length = value.respond_to?(:length) ? value.length : value.to_s.length
+ errors_options = options.except(*RESERVED_OPTIONS)
CHECKS.each do |key, validity_check|
next unless check_value = options[key]
next if value_length.send(validity_check, check_value)
- errors_options = options.except(*RESERVED_OPTIONS)
errors_options[:count] = check_value
default_message = options[MESSAGES[key]]
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