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Config guide: Space out initialization events to improve readability

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@@ -387,9 +387,13 @@ h3. Initialization events
Rails has 5 initialization events which can be hooked into (listed in order that they are ran):
* +before_configuration+: This is run as soon as the application constant inherits from +Rails::Application+. The +config+ calls are evaluated before this happens.
* +before_initialize+: This is run directly before the initialization process of the application occurs with the +:bootstrap_hook+ initializer near the beginning of the Rails initialization process.
* +to_prepare+: Run after the initializers are ran for all Railties (including the application itself), but before eager loading and the middleware stack is built.
* +before_eager_load+: This is run directly before eager loading occurs, which is the default behaviour for the _production_ environment and not for the +development+ enviroment.
* +after_initialize+: Run directly after the initialization of the application, but before the application initializers are run.

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