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Removed my name from the changelog as the amount of blogspam became r…


When will docrails be back? :-p
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@@ -1890,7 +1890,6 @@ h3. Changelog
* April 26, 2011: Change migration code from +up+, +down+ pair to +change+ method by "Prem Sichanugrist":
* April 11, 2011: Change scaffold_controller generator to create format block for JSON instead of XML by "Sebastian Martinez":
-* August 30, 2010: Minor editing after Rails 3 release by "Joost Baaij":
* July 12, 2010: Fixes, editing and updating of code samples by "Jaime Iniesta":
* May 16, 2010: Added a section on configuration gotchas to address common encoding problems that people might have by "Yehuda Katz":
* April 30, 2010: Fixes, editing and updating of code samples by "Rohit Arondekar":

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