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Upcoming version of Rails is upon us so no need to refer to it. [API …

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commit 9726ed8caf245c8702a781c9656f2b143a85f0f5 1 parent 424d725
Rohit Arondekar rohit authored fxn committed
4 railties/lib/rails/generators/rails/app/templates/config/initializers/
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
# Be sure to restart your server when you modify this file.
-# This file contains the settings for ActionController::ParametersWrapper
-# which will be enabled by default in the upcoming version of Ruby on Rails.
+# This file contains settings for ActionController::ParametersWrapper which
+# is enabled by default.
# Enable parameter wrapping for JSON. You can disable this by setting :format to an empty array.
ActionController::Base.wrap_parameters <%= key_value :format, "[:json]" %>
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