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@@ -225,95 +225,95 @@ config.middleware.delete "Rack::MethodOverride"
Much of Action Controller's functionality is implemented as Middlewares. The following list explains the purpose of each of them:
- **`Rack::Sendfile`**
* Sets server specific X-Sendfile header. Configure this via `config.action_dispatch.x_sendfile_header` option.
- **`ActionDispatch::Static`**
* Used to serve static assets. Disabled if `config.serve_static_assets` is `false`.
- **`Rack::Lock`**
* Sets `env["rack.multithread"]` flag to `false` and wraps the application within a Mutex.
- **`ActiveSupport::Cache::Strategy::LocalCache::Middleware`**
* Used for memory caching. This cache is not thread safe.
- **`Rack::Runtime`**
* Sets an X-Runtime header, containing the time (in seconds) taken to execute the request.
- **`Rack::MethodOverride`**
* Allows the method to be overridden if `params[:_method]` is set. This is the middleware which supports the PUT and DELETE HTTP method types.
- **`ActionDispatch::RequestId`**
* Makes a unique `X-Request-Id` header available to the response and enables the `ActionDispatch::Request#uuid` method.
- **`Rails::Rack::Logger`**
* Notifies the logs that the request has began. After request is complete, flushes all the logs.
- **`ActionDispatch::ShowExceptions`**
* Rescues any exception returned by the application and calls an exceptions app that will wrap it in a format for the end user.
- **`ActionDispatch::DebugExceptions`**
* Responsible for logging exceptions and showing a debugging page in case the request is local.
- **`ActionDispatch::RemoteIp`**
* Checks for IP spoofing attacks.
- **`ActionDispatch::Reloader`**
* Provides prepare and cleanup callbacks, intended to assist with code reloading during development.
- **`ActionDispatch::Callbacks`**
* Runs the prepare callbacks before serving the request.
- **`ActiveRecord::Migration::CheckPending`**
* Checks pending migrations and raises `ActiveRecord::PendingMigrationError` if any migrations are pending.
- **`ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::ConnectionManagement`**
* Cleans active connections after each request, unless the `rack.test` key in the request environment is set to `true`.
- **`ActiveRecord::QueryCache`**
* Enables the Active Record query cache.
- **`ActionDispatch::Cookies`**
* Sets cookies for the request.
- **`ActionDispatch::Session::CookieStore`**
* Responsible for storing the session in cookies.
- **`ActionDispatch::Flash`**
* Sets up the flash keys. Only available if `config.action_controller.session_store` is set to a value.
- **`ActionDispatch::ParamsParser`**
* Parses out parameters from the request into `params`.
- **`ActionDispatch::Head`**
* Converts HEAD requests to `GET` requests and serves them as so.
- **`Rack::ConditionalGet`**
* Adds support for "Conditional `GET`" so that server responds with nothing if page wasn't changed.
- **`Rack::ETag`**
* Adds ETag header on all String bodies. ETags are used to validate cache.

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