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Revert "Add rails glossary of common terms & concepts"

This reverts commit fd584a6.

Reason: This is not suitable for a Rails guide in my opinion.
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@@ -70,7 +70,3 @@ Ryan Bigg works as a consultant at <a href="">RubyX</a> and has
<%= author('Heiko Webers', 'hawe') do %>
Heiko Webers is the founder of <a href="">bauland42</a>, a German web application security consulting and development company focused on Ruby on Rails. He blogs at the <a href="">Ruby on Rails Security Project</a>. After 10 years of desktop application development, Heiko has rarely looked back.
<% end %>
-<%= author('Adam Hawkins', 'adman65') do %>
- Ruby developer and founder of <a href="">ThreadedLabs</a> a modern web shop. You can read his blog at <a href="">Broadcasting Adam</a>
-<% end %>
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