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Merge pull request #515 from joshk/patch-3

updated the ActiveSupport changelog
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2 parents 55cfbd4 + 49cd41f commit 9823c17c6a7c9fb046b3233d57acfbc009d5ad48 @josevalim josevalim committed
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@@ -19,6 +19,8 @@ advantage of the new ClassCache.
* Added before_remove_const callback to ActiveSupport::Dependencies.remove_unloadable_constants! [Andrew White]
+* JSON decoding now uses the multi_json gem which also vendors a json engine called OkJson. The yaml backend has been removed in favor of OkJson as a default engine for 1.8.x, while the built in 1.9.x json implementation will be used by default. [Josh Kalderimis]
*Rails 3.0.7 (April 18, 2011)*

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