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@@ -31,6 +31,10 @@ Ruby on Rails Guides: Credits
Ryan Bigg works as a consultant at <a href="">RubyX</a> and has been working with Rails since 2006. He's co-authoring a book called <a href="">Rails 3 in Action</a> and he's written many gems which can be seen on <a href="">his GitHub page</a> and he also tweets prolifically as <a href="">@ryanbigg</a>.
<% end %>
+<%= author('Oscar Del Ben', 'oscardelben', 'oscardelben.jpg') do %>
+Oscar Del Ben is a software engineer at <a href="">Wildfire</a>. He's a regular open source contributor (<a href="">Github account</a>) and tweets regularly at <a href="">@oscardelben</a>.
+ <% end %>
<%= author('Frederick Cheung', 'fcheung') do %>
Frederick Cheung is Chief Wizard at Texperts where he has been using Rails since 2006. He is based in Cambridge (UK) and when not consuming fine ales he blogs at <a href=""></a>.
<% end %>

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