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@@ -148,6 +148,10 @@ end
Note that you should only use this record for batch processing: for small numbers of records (less than 1000), you should just use the regular find methods with your own loop.
+* More Information:
+ - "Rails 2.3: Batch Finding":
+ - "What's New in Edge Rails: Batched Find":
h4. Multiple Conditions for Callbacks
When using Active Record callbacks, you can now combine +:if+ and +:unless+ options on the same callback, and supply multiple conditions as an array:
@@ -313,6 +317,7 @@ h4. Other Action Controller Changes
* Cookie sessions now have persistent session identifiers, with API compatibility with the server-side stores.
* You can now use symbols for the +:type+ option of +send_file+ and +send_data+, like this: +send_file("fabulous.png", :type => :png)+.
* The +:only+ and +:except+ options for +map.resources+ are no longer inherited by nested resources.
+* The bundled memcached client has been updated to version
h3. Action View
@@ -538,6 +543,7 @@ A few pieces of older code are deprecated in this release:
* +formatted_polymorphic_url+ is deprecated. Use +polymorphic_url+ with +:format+ instead.
* The +:http_only+ option in +ActionController::Response#set_cookie+ has been renamed to +:httponly+.
* The +:connector+ and +:skip_last_comma+ options of +to_sentence+ have been replaced by +:words_connnector+, +:two_words_connector+, and +:last_word_connector+ options.
+* Posting a multipart form with an empty +file_field+ control used to submit an empty string to the controller. Now it submits a nil, due to differences between Rack's multipart parser and the old Rails one.
h3. Credits

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