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`remove_column` does not take a type argument. [ci skip]. Closes #12864

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1 parent bba8bb8 commit 9c9d4948e428a226a19aa92c17fa6ac5833c2fb8 @senny senny committed Nov 12, 2013
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@@ -179,7 +179,7 @@ generates
class RemovePartNumberFromProducts < ActiveRecord::Migration
def change
- remove_column :products, :part_number, :string
egilburg added a line comment Nov 13, 2013

doesn't change need the info in order to be able to rollback the migration?

Ruby on Rails member
senny added a line comment Nov 13, 2013

right.. I mistakenly looked at the docs of remove_columns(table, *column_names). The ticket author was probably using 3.2.

Commit was reverted:

  • master: 49245f3
  • 4-0-stable: 3964d08132534e829765e0c7db61749b84fd770d
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+ remove_column :products, :part_number

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