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Fix note about AP/AV decoupling in release notes

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@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ Major Features
* **Declarative ETags** ([commit]( - Set ETag and Last-Modified headers using `etag` and `fresh_when`.
* **[Russian doll caching](** ([commit]( - Cache nested fragments of views. Each fragment expires based on a set of dependencies (a cache key). The cache key is usually a template version number and a model object.
* **Turbolinks** ([commit]( - Serve only one initial HTML page. When the user navigates to another page, use pushState to update the URL and use AJAX to update the title and body.
- * **Decouple ActionView from ActionController** ([commit]( - ActionView is moved outside of ActionPack.
+ * **Decouple ActionView from ActionController** ([commit]( - ActionView was decoupled from ActionPack and will be moved to a separated gem in Rails 4.1.
* **Do not depend on ActiveModel** ([commit]( - ActionPack no longer depends on ActiveModel.
### General

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