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Remove in the doc about MySQL versions below 5 [ci skip]
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guilleiguaran committed Apr 24, 2016
2 parents 77f3617 + 7ec31ac commit 9f8a6c47c89381647b6079201e764d013c3cffe3
@@ -221,9 +221,7 @@ def supports_statement_cache?
# * You are creating a nested (savepoint) transaction
# The mysql2 and postgresql adapters support setting the transaction
# isolation level. However, support is disabled for MySQL versions below 5,
# because they are affected by a bug[]
# which means the isolation level gets persisted outside the transaction.
# isolation level.
def transaction(requires_new: nil, isolation: nil, joinable: true)
if !requires_new && current_transaction.joinable?
if isolation

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