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@@ -1258,6 +1258,37 @@ h5. +to_options+ and +to_options!+
The methods +to_options+ and +to_options!+ are respectively aliases of +symbolize_keys+ and +symbolize_keys!+.
+h5. +assert_valid_keys+
+The method +assert_valid_keys+ receives an arbitrary number of arguments, and checks whether the receiver has any key outside that white list. If it does +ArgumentError+ is raised.
+{:a => 1}.assert_valid_keys(:a) # passes
+{:a => 1}.assert_valid_keys("a") # ArgumentError
+Active Record does not accept unknown options when building associations for example. It implements that control via +assert_valid_keys+:
+mattr_accessor :valid_keys_for_has_many_association
+@@valid_keys_for_has_many_association = [
+ :class_name, :table_name, :foreign_key, :primary_key,
+ :dependent,
+ :select, :conditions, :include, :order, :group, :having, :limit, :offset,
+ :as, :through, :source, :source_type,
+ :uniq,
+ :finder_sql, :counter_sql,
+ :before_add, :after_add, :before_remove, :after_remove,
+ :extend, :readonly,
+ :validate, :inverse_of
+def create_has_many_reflection(association_id, options, &extension)
+ options.assert_valid_keys(valid_keys_for_has_many_association)
+ ...
h4. Indifferent Access
The method +with_indifferent_access+ returns an +ActiveSupport::HashWithIndifferentAccess+ out of its receiver:

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