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Revert "Added 'Rails Guides Reviewers' section to credits"

The credits page mentions the doc team and guide authors.

This reverts commit be72a39.
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Mikel Lindsaar has been working with Rails since 2006 and is the author of the Ruby Mail gem and core contributor (he helped re-write Action Mailer's API). Mikel has a <a href="">blog</a> and <a href="">tweets</a>.
<% end %>
-<h3 class="section">Rails Guides Reviewers</h3>
<%= author('Jaime Iniesta', 'jaimeiniesta', 'jaimeiniesta.jpg') do %>
Jaime Iniesta works as a Ruby on Rails freelance developer since 2005. He's a member of <a href="">ProRuby</a>, co-founder of the <a href="">Spanish Ruby Users Group</a>, member of <a href="">Spain.rb</a>, and organizer of <a href="">Conferencia Rails</a> and <a href="">EuRuKo 2009</a>. Jaime has a <a href="">blog</a> and <a href="">tweets</a>.
<% end %>

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