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add a comment to people of the future

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commit a27d2d74f25110e4ebd8d44dc7fd1f44c103ca9e 1 parent baaf9ac
@tenderlove tenderlove authored
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  1. +5 −1 railties/test/generators/argv_scrubber_test.rb
6 railties/test/generators/argv_scrubber_test.rb
@@ -5,7 +5,11 @@
module Rails
module Generators
- class ARGVScrubberTest < ActiveSupport::TestCase
+ class ARGVScrubberTest < ActiveSupport::TestCase # :nodoc:
+ # Future people who read this... These tests are just to surround the
+ # current behavior of the ARGVScrubber, they do not mean that the class
+ # *must* act this way, I just want to prevent regressions.
def test_version
['-v', '--version'].each do |str|
scrubber = [str]
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