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Flesh out feedback portion of contributing guide.

I don't know of anyone that hangs out in #rails-contrib, and we should
also let people know that feedback can take some time.
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### Get some Feedback
-Now you need to get other people to look at your patch, just as you've looked at other people's patches. You can use the [rubyonrails-core mailing list]( or the #rails-contrib channel on IRC freenode for this. You might also try just talking to Rails developers that you know.
+Most pull requests will go through a few iterations before they get merged.
+Different contributors will sometimes have different opinions, and often
+patches will need revised before they can get merged.
+Some contributors to Rails have email notifications from GitHub turned on, but
+others do not. Furthermore, (almost) everyone who works on Rails is a
+volunteer, and so it may take a few days for you to get your first feedback on
+a pull request. Don't despair! Sometimes it's quick, sometimes it's slow. Such
+is the open source life.
+If it's been over a week, and you haven't heard anything, you might want to try
+and nudge things along. You can use the [rubyonrails-core mailing
+list]( for this. You can also
+leave another comment on the pull request.
+While you're waiting for feedback on your pull request, open up a few other
+pull requests and give someone else some! I'm sure they'll appreciate it in
+the same way that you appreciate feedback on your patches.
### Iterate as Necessary

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