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Improve "request response" term typing & fix a minor typo

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1 parent 506257a commit a6d383c8b2afb253c009ad67d31aae3aa8dcc457 @agis agis committed Oct 21, 2012
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@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ When you type `http://localhost:3000` into your browser's address bar and hit
response, then fetches all associated assets, like JavaScript files,
stylesheets and images. It then assembles the page. If you click a link, it
does the same process: fetch the page, fetch the assets, put it all together,
-show you the results. This is called the 'request response cycle.'
+show you the results. This is called the 'Request-Response cycle'.
JavaScript can also make requests to the server, and parse the response. It
also has the ability to update information on the page. Combining these two

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