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Adding auto encoding of headers and bodies to the guide for ActionMailer

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@@ -148,6 +148,14 @@ NOTE: In previous versions of Rails, you would call +deliver_welcome_email+ or +
WARNING: Sending out one email should only take a fraction of a second, if you are planning on sending out many emails, or you have a slow domain resolution service, you might want to investigate using a background process like delayed job.
+h4. Auto encoding header values
+ActionMailer now handles the auto encoding of multibyte characters inside of headers and bodies.
+If you are using UTF-8 as your character set, you do not have to do anything special, just go ahead and send in UTF-8 data to the address fields, subject, keywords, filenames or body of the email and ActionMailer will auto encode it into quoted printable for you in the case of a header field or Base64 encode any body parts that are non US-ASCII.
+For more complex examples, such as defining alternate character sets or self encoding text first, please refer to the Mail library.
h4. Complete List of Action Mailer Methods
There are just three methods that you need to send pretty much any email message:

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