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vijaydev committed Aug 30, 2013
2 parents 15455d7 + 3bcecf8 commit ab0cbff07ebb5df8c9354fa2b3fd9984e039d2c6
@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ def pluralize(word, locale = :en)
# string.
# If passed an optional +locale+ parameter, the word will be
- # pluralized using rules defined for that language. By default,
+ # singularized using rules defined for that language. By default,
# this parameter is set to <tt>:en</tt>.
# 'posts'.singularize # => "post"
@@ -765,8 +765,8 @@ headers.
For Apache:
-# The Expires* directives requires the Apache module `mod_expires` to be
-# enabled.
+# The Expires* directives requires the Apache module
+# `mod_expires` to be enabled.
<Location /assets/>
# Use of ETag is discouraged when Last-Modified is present
Header unset ETag FileETag None
@@ -86,7 +86,6 @@ And if you are on Fedora or CentOS, you're done with
$ sudo yum install sqlite3 sqlite3-devel
-<<<<<<< HEAD
If you are on Arch Linux, you will need to run:
@@ -101,8 +100,6 @@ For FreeBSD users, you're done with:
Or compile the `databases/sqlite3` port.
->>>>>>> ec8ef1e1055c4e1598da13f49d30261f07f4a9b4
Get a recent version of [Bundler](
@@ -158,13 +155,20 @@ $ cd railties
$ TEST_DIR=generators bundle exec rake test
-You can run any single test separately too:
+You can run the tests for a particular file by using:
$ cd actionpack
$ bundle exec ruby -Itest test/template/form_helper_test.rb
+Or, you can run a single test in a particular file:
+$ cd actionpack
+$ bundle exec ruby -Itest path/to/test.rb -n test_name
### Active Record Setup
The test suite of Active Record attempts to run four times: once for SQLite3, once for each of the two MySQL gems (`mysql` and `mysql2`), and once for PostgreSQL. We are going to see now how to set up the environment for them.
@@ -191,7 +195,6 @@ $ sudo yum install mysql-server mysql-devel
$ sudo yum install postgresql-server postgresql-devel
-<<<<<<< HEAD
If you are running Arch Linux, MySQL isn't supported anymore so you will need to
use MariaDB instead (see [this announcement](
@@ -211,8 +214,6 @@ Or install them through ports (they are located under the `databases` folder).
If you run into troubles during the installation of MySQL, please see
[the MySQL documentation](
->>>>>>> ec8ef1e1055c4e1598da13f49d30261f07f4a9b4
After that, run:
@@ -692,10 +692,15 @@ Neither of these Rake tasks do anything you could not do with `db:migrate`. They
are simply more convenient, since you do not need to explicitly specify the
version to migrate to.
+### Setup the Database
+The `rake db:setup` task will create the database, load the schema and initialize
+it with the seed data.
### Resetting the Database
-The `rake db:reset` task will drop the database, recreate it and load the
-current schema into it.
+The `rake db:reset` task will drop the database and set it up again. This is
+functionally equivalent to `rake db:drop db:setup`.
NOTE: This is not the same as running all the migrations. It will only use the
contents of the current schema.rb file. If a migration can't be rolled back,

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