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@@ -174,7 +174,7 @@ The more generic form can also be used but the asset path and class must both be
* +asset-url("rails.png", image)+ becomes +url(/assets/rails.png)+
* +asset-path("rails.png", image)+ becomes +"/assets/rails.png"+
-h5. JavaScript and ERB
+h5. JavaScript/CoffeeScript and ERB
If you add an +erb+ extension to a JavaScript asset, making it something such as +application.js.erb+, then you can use the +asset_path+ helper in your JavaScript code:
@@ -186,6 +186,12 @@ $('#logo').attr({
This writes the path to the particular asset being referenced.
+Similary, you can use the asset_path helper in CoffeeScript files with +erb+ extension (Eg.
+$('#logo').attr src: "<% asset_path('logo.png') %>"
h4. Manifest Files and Directives
Sprockets uses manifest files to determine which assets to include and serve. These manifest files contain _directives_ -- instructions that tell Sprockets which files to require in order to build a single CSS or JavaScript file. With these directives, Sprockets loads the files specified, processes them if necessary, concatenates them into one single file and then compresses them (if +Rails.application.config.assets.compress+ is set to +true+). By serving one file rather than many, the load time of pages are greatly reduced as there are fewer requests to make.

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