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@@ -298,6 +298,8 @@ h3. Active Record
* Boolean columns with 'on' and 'ON' values are type casted to true.
+* When the +timestamps+ method creates the +created_at+ and +updated_at+ columns, it makes them non-nullable by default.
* Implemented <tt>ActiveRecord::Relation#explain</tt>.
* Implements <tt>AR::Base.silence_auto_explain</tt> which allows the user to selectively disable automatic EXPLAINs within a block.
@@ -371,8 +373,6 @@ has_many :clients, :class_name => :Client # Note that the symbol need to be capi
User.where(:first_name => "Scarlett").first_or_create!(:last_name => "Johansson")
-* +timestamps+ will add non-null constraint as default.
h4. Deprecations
* Automatic closure of connections in threads is deprecated. For example the following code is deprecated:

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