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Update AR Changelog with correct example using includes

These queries don't seem to work without the includes clause. [ci skip]
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commit ad59260f70ece277f24f9a847d6cd3c2ed3bb9b2 1 parent 69163cc
@caike caike authored carlosantoniodasilva committed
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@@ -1113,11 +1113,11 @@
Note that you do not need to explicitly specify references in the
following cases, as they can be automatically inferred:
- Post.where(comments: { name: 'foo' })
- Post.where('' => 'foo')
- Post.order('')
+ Post.includes(:comments).where(comments: { name: 'foo' })
+ Post.includes(:comments).where('' => 'foo')
+ Post.includes(:comments).order('')
- You also do not need to worry about this unless you are doing eager
+ You do not need to worry about this unless you are doing eager
loading. Basically, don't worry unless you see a deprecation warning
or (in future releases) an SQL error due to a missing JOIN.
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