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removes relation bang methods from the AR changelog [ci skip]

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1 parent 3ff639a commit aeb4592006f99f9db2e1fe95ecbff45d4c1d478d @fxn fxn committed Feb 20, 2013
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@@ -498,11 +498,6 @@
-* Added `#none!` method for mutating `ActiveRecord::Relation` objects to a NullRelation.
- It acts like `#none` but modifies relation in place.
- *Juanjo Bazán*
* Fix bug where `update_columns` and `update_column` would not let you update the primary key column.
*Henrik Nyh*
@@ -1280,13 +1275,6 @@
*Joshua Wood*
-* Added bang methods for mutating `ActiveRecord::Relation` objects.
- For example, while `foo.where(:bar)` will return a new object
- leaving `foo` unchanged, `foo.where!(:bar)` will mutate the foo
- object
- *Jon Leighton*
* Added `#find_by` and `#find_by!` to mirror the functionality
provided by dynamic finders in a way that allows dynamic input more

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