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strong parameters example for default values using `fetch`. [ci skip]

Origin: #9534.
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@@ -269,6 +269,18 @@ permitted scalar values allowed), a `hobbies` attribute as an array of
permitted scalar values, and a `family` attribute which is restricted
to having a `name` (any permitted scalar values allowed, too).
+#### More Examples
+You want to also use the permitted attributes in the `new`
+action. This raises the problem that you can't use `require` on the
+root-key because normally it does not exist when calling `new`:
+# using `fetch` you can supply a default and use
+# the Strong Parameters API from there.
+params.fetch(blog:, {}).permit(:title, :author)
morgoth added a note

Typo here: :blog not blog:

Fixed in 57c516f, thanks!

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#### Outside the Scope of Strong Parameters
The strong parameter API was designed with the most common use cases
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