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* Asynchronously send messages via the Rails Queue *Brian Cardarella*
-* Allow callbacks to be defined in mailers similar to `ActionController::Base`. You can configure default
- settings, headers, attachments, delivery settings or change delivery using `before_filter`, `after_filter` etc. *Justin S. Leitgeb*
Please check [3-2-stable]( for previous changes.
@@ -141,8 +141,6 @@ Action Mailer
-* Allow for callbacks in mailers similar to ActionController::Base. You can now set up headers/attachments using `before_filter` or `after_filter`. You could also change delivery settings or prevent delivery in an after filter based on instance variables set in your mailer action. You have access to `ActionMailer::Base` instance methods like `message`, `attachments`, `headers`.
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