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*Rails 3.0.0 [Release Candidate] (unreleased)*
+* Added accept-charset parameter and _snowman hidden field to force the contents
+ of Rails POSTed forms to be in UTF-8 [Yehuda Katz]
* Upgrade to Rack 1.2.1 [Jeremy Kemper]
* Allow :path to be given to match/get/post/put/delete instead of :path_names in the new router [Carlos Antônio da Silva]

2 comments on commit b1cc63c


lukaszx0 replied Jun 29, 2010

Hey, waycats, explain me what "dobry pies" is for in the commit description :D I know what it means, but I don't get it in this context ;)


hubertlepicki replied Jul 4, 2010

Hey Yehuda, so you speak some Polish? :D

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