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@@ -623,6 +623,8 @@ method returns an `ActiveSupport::HashWithIndifferentAccess` object, which
allows you to access the keys of the hash using either strings or symbols. In
this situation, the only parameters that matter are the ones from the form.
TIP: Ensure you have a firm grasp of the `params` method, as you'll use it fairly regularly. Let's consider an example URL: ****. In this URL, `params[:username]` would equal "dhh" and `params[:email]` would equal "".
If you re-submit the form one more time you'll now no longer get the missing
template error. Instead, you'll see something that looks like the following:
@@ -739,6 +741,8 @@ database columns. In the first line we do just that (remember that
`` is responsible for saving the model in the database. Finally,
we redirect the user to the `show` action, which we'll define later.
TIP: You might be wondering why the `A` in `` is capitalized above, whereas most other references to articles in this guide have used lowercase. In this context, we are referring to the class named `Article` that is defined in `\models\article.rb`. Class names in Ruby must begin with a capital letter.
TIP: As we'll see later, `` returns a boolean indicating whether
the article was saved or not.

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