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Validations guide: order of :after_save callback was incorrect.

The guide was contracting itself. First it stated that 'there is a list
of callbacks in order of execution', on the list 'after_save' was placed
before 'after_create', and then there was a warning that 'after_save'
runs after them. I am not sure about 'around_' callbacks, but let's
leave that for another patch.
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commit b6826beccbe3db1b21222a0dfc758b9e76758425 1 parent c1ce168
@Arsen7 Arsen7 authored fxn committed
4 railties/guides/source/active_record_validations_callbacks.textile
@@ -915,20 +915,20 @@ h4. Creating an Object
* +before_validation+
* +after_validation+
* +before_save+
-* +after_save+
* +before_create+
* +around_create+
* +after_create+
+* +after_save+
h4. Updating an Object
* +before_validation+
* +after_validation+
* +before_save+
-* +after_save+
* +before_update+
* +around_update+
* +after_update+
+* +after_save+
h4. Destroying an Object
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