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Fix deletion of empty directories:

1. When comparing the directory to delete against the top level
   cache_path, use File.realpath to make sure we aren't comparing two
   unequal strings that point to the same path. This occurs, for
   example, when cache_path has a trailing slash, which it does in the
   default Rails configuration. Since the input to
   delete_empty_directories never has a trailing slash, the comparison
   will never be true and the top level cache directory (and above) may
   be deleted. However…

2. File.delete raises EPERM when trying to delete a directory, so no
   directories have ever been deleted. Changing the code to Dir.delete
   fixes that.
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1 parent 202041e commit b8837066dcaa389c00aaf22565bb6988ded3932e @chuckbjones chuckbjones committed Feb 19, 2013
@@ -1,5 +1,7 @@
## Rails 4.0.0.beta1 (February 25, 2013) ##
+* Fix deletion of empty directories in ActiveSupport::Cache::FileStore. *Charles Jones*
* Prevent `DateTime#change` from truncating the second fraction, when seconds
do not need to be changed.
@@ -150,9 +150,9 @@ def file_path_key(path)
# Delete empty directories in the cache.
def delete_empty_directories(dir)
- return if dir == cache_path
+ return if File.realpath(dir) == File.realpath(cache_path)
if Dir.entries(dir).reject {|f| EXCLUDED_DIRS.include?(f)}.empty?
- File.delete(dir) rescue nil
+ Dir.delete(dir) rescue nil
@@ -672,6 +672,18 @@ def test_delete_matched_when_cache_directory_does_not_exist
+ def test_delete_does_not_delete_empty_parent_dir
+ sub_cache_dir = File.join(cache_dir, 'subdir/')
+ sub_cache_store =
+ assert_nothing_raised(Exception) do
+ assert sub_cache_store.write('foo', 'bar')
+ assert sub_cache_store.delete('foo')
+ end
+ assert File.exist?(cache_dir), "Parent of top level cache dir was deleted!"
+ assert File.exist?(sub_cache_dir), "Top level cache dir was deleted!"
+ assert Dir.entries(sub_cache_dir).reject {|f| ActiveSupport::Cache::FileStore::EXCLUDED_DIRS.include?(f)}.empty?
+ end
def test_log_exception_when_cache_read_fails
File.expects(:exist?).raises(StandardError, "failed")
@cache.send(:read_entry, "winston", {})

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