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Add an upgrade note related to ActionController::Live becoming a Concern
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@@ -249,6 +249,35 @@ Rails.application.configure do
+### `ActionController::Live` became a `Concern`
+That means that if your application used to have its own streaming module, the following code
+would break in production mode:
+# This is a work-around for streamed controllers performing authentication with Warden/Devise.
+# See
+# Authenticating in the router is another solution as suggested in that issue
+class StreamingSupport
+ include ActionController::Live # this won't work in production for Rails 5
+ # extend ActiveSupport::Concern # unless you uncomment this line.
+ def process(name)
+ super(name)
+ rescue ArgumentError => e
+ if e.message == 'uncaught throw :warden'
+ throw :warden
+ else
+ raise e
+ end
+ end
+If you include `ActionController::Live` in another module that is included in your controller you
+should also extend the module with `ActiveSupport::Concern`. Or you could use the `self.included` hook
+to include `ActionController::Live` directly to the controller once the `StreamingSupport` is included.
### New Framework Defaults
#### Active Record `belongs_to` Required by Default Option

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