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### Laying down the ground work
-The first thing that you are going to need to create a new article within the
-application is a place to do that. A great place for that would be at
-With the route already defined, requests can now be made to `/articles/new` in
-the application. Navigate to <http://localhost:3000/articles/new> and you'll see
-a routing error:
+Firstly, you need a place within the application to create a new article. A
+great place for that would be at `/articles/new`. With the route already
+defined, requests can now be made to `/articles/new` in the application.
+Navigate to <http://localhost:3000/articles/new> and you'll see a routing
![Another routing error, uninitialized constant ArticlesController](images/getting_started/routing_error_no_controller.png)

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