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Removed template from app generator

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commit bd7edcf286421b090b8de5674422a7316ed043a9 1 parent 977317d
@josh josh authored
1  railties/lib/rails_generator/generators/applications/app/app_generator.rb
@@ -46,7 +46,6 @@ def manifest
# Root
m.file "fresh_rakefile", "Rakefile"
m.file "README", "README"
- m.file "", ""
# Application
m.template "helpers/application.rb", "app/controllers/application.rb", :assigns => { :app_name => @app_name, :app_secret => md5.hexdigest }

2 comments on commit bd7edcf


What’s the thinking with this one? Will come back?


Currently there are no hard ties the rackup config file. Rack support is still a bit funky and I’d rather no give the impression its “production” ready :)

When we do make the leap over to Rack and convert server/server into a “rackup” command, I’ll possibly restore it. I think we could check to see if “RAILS_ROOT/” exists and script/server would use that, otherwise it would default to some inner config.

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