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## Rails 4.0.0 (unreleased) ##
+* Rename `ActiveRecord::Fixtures` class to `ActiveRecord::FixtureSet`.
+ Instances of this class normally hold a collection of fixtures (records)
+ loaded either from a single YAML file, or from a file and a folder
+ with the same name. This change make the class name singular and makes
+ the class easier to distinguish from the modules like
+ `ActiveRecord::TestFixtures`, which operates on multiple fixture sets,
+ or `DelegatingFixtures`, `::Fixtures`, etc.,
+ and from the class `ActiveRecord::Fixture`, which corresponds to a single
+ fixture.
+ *Alexey Muranov*
* The postgres adapter now supports tables with capital letters.
Fix #5920
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*Michael Pearson*
* Added default order to `first` to assure consistent results among
- diferent database engines. Introduced `take` as a replacement to
+ different database engines. Introduced `take` as a replacement to
the old behavior of `first`.
*Marcelo Silveira*

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