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Add explicit test task

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1 parent 6e56cc0 commit bfe85ae0e80ff1dcf43c81543837478b94c56b0a @jeremy jeremy committed Oct 15, 2007
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7 activerecord/Rakefile
@@ -22,10 +22,11 @@ PKG_FILES = FileList[
-desc "Default Task"
-task :default => [ :test_mysql, :test_sqlite, :test_sqlite3, :test_postgresql ]
+desc 'Run mysql, sqlite, and postgresql tests by default'
+task :default => :test
-# Run the unit tests
+desc 'Run mysql, sqlite, and postgresql tests'
+task :test => %w(test_mysql test_sqlite test_sqlite3 test_postgresql)
for adapter in %w( mysql postgresql sqlite sqlite3 firebird sqlserver sqlserver_odbc db2 oracle sybase openbase frontbase )"test_#{adapter}") { |t|

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